We are constantly searching for the best materials for the realization of our production.  For example, we  use particular muffled padding to guaratee better  lightness, breathability, resilience and insulation that can cope with any extreme weather conditions.
Our Ovatta Zero Down (Zero Wadding Down) is a great support for research teams in the Arctic Area, for climbers of mountains 8,000 mt high, and starting from today also the dogs that are most sensitive to cold will feel comfortable.  The yarn of our pullovers will come from the Italian textile tradition of the town of Biella, from where comes passion, research, style and innovation.  We rely on eco-sustainability and transparancy and guarantee the traceability of all our products right from the origin of the raw materials.
It is estimated that every year in Italy some 50,000 dogs are being abandoned, and about 80% of these risk dying of hardships on account of accidents or mistreats.