Woof, Woof, bow-wow!

My name is Poldo and I’m a six years old Weirehaired Dachshund.

Born in the outskirts of Pavia, in Northern Italy, I was a countryside puppy when my adopting family brought me to Milan and introduced me to a glamorous lifestyle of fashion and cocktail parties. I was spoiled with new clothing, accessories and toys but always in the search for my own personal style.

In 2016 I launched my first collection of luxury coats for dogs and since then embarked into a series of extraordinary collaborations with some of the most prestigious brands in fashion, luxury, design and hospitality like MONCLER, MISSONI, MINI BMW, RUBNERHAUS, THE MARK HOTEL .. Whof!

In this blog, I will share more about these collaborations, new projects and a lot more.

Stay Tuned! Woof, woof